Hyperspectral Solutions for Medical and Life Sciences

SpekLED offers cameras and systems  you can link color image information and chemical concentration analysis.

Chemical camera systems and chemical color imaging

Hyperspectral Cube Hand

Hyperspectral Data-Cube recorded with a SpekLED HSI camera system.

The Hyperspectral Imaging cameras are the reliable integration of color cameras and spectrometer systems. We offer products for typical application areas or develop special tailor-made system solutions for your project task.

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TI-CAM hyperspectral camera: The chemical camera

An example of a VIS/VNIR hyperspectral image recorded with a simple SpekLED camera is shown in the following picture:

Hand mit abgebundenem Finger

Hand with a finger tied off.

The following screenshot shows a recording of a compilation of different objects. The very characteristic spectral distributions of the objects and substances are clearly visible. This allows a good differentiation, even if any differences are perceived by the eye.

HSI Beispiel1

Example recording of a hyperspectral image.

For comparison, the corresponding color photo is shown in the next figure

Foto Beispiel 1

Color photo of the above example.